Madikwe Game Reserve
Photo Gallery

Madikwe Air Charter

Private flight to Madikwe

Madikwe Hills

Sheer luxury in the bush

Meerkats on the lookout

A true family unit

Waterhole Sundowners

The gathering at the waterhole

Warthogs in flight

Flight animals on the run

Tuningi Lodge

Relax in style at the end of a day

Hyena on the plains

True survivors

Tuningi Lodge

Splendid bath with a view

Endangered Wild Dogs

True pack animals

Tuningi Lodge

Relax chatting to new friends

Thakadu Lodge

Luxury style in the bush

Luxury in the bush

Experience the bush life in style

Tuningi Lodge

Outdoor dining in style

Solitary Hyena

A true preditor of the plains

Thakadu Lodge

Dining room set in the wild

Outdoor shower

Shower under the stars in nature

Thakadu Lodge

Relaxation in the wild in style

Sable buck

A rare sighting well worth being there

Thakadu Lodge

Beautiful sunsets in nature

Motswiri Lodge

With private splash pool